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St. Benedict Catholic School
Preschool through 8th Grade

CYO Sports

Program Overview and Philosophy

At St. Benedict School all students are welcome to participate in extracurricular athletics. The school utilizes the Seattle Archdiocese’s Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) to run its after school programs. Students compete against other CYO teams during each sport’s season.

Available sports through St. Benedict CYO are:

  • Soccer (Fall, grades Kindergarten to 8th)
  • Cross Country (Fall, grades Kindergarten to 8th)
  • Basketball (Winter, grades 3rd-8th)
  • Volleyball (Winter, grades 4th-8th)
  • Track & Field (Spring, grades 4th-8th)

CYO is committed to the dignity and worth of each child it serves, regardless of physical talents, mental strength, or emotional health, and hopes that the same respect for life will become a part of his or her value system. CYO wants each child to know that they are wanted and loved.

Athletic programs are seen as one way of implementing the mission of the CYO.

The CYO program goals are to increase:

  • self-confidence and self-reliance
  • interpersonal competence
  • a sense of caring toward others

The sense of caring fostered by CYO Athletics helps athletes to understand the aspect of service to others, and helps them better understand their sense of belonging. Youths are brought together from different parishes, schools and social backgrounds in an atmosphere that fosters the recognition of individual strengths and limitations, the lessons of winning and losing, and respect for all involved: fellow players, opponents, coaches, and officials. In other words, CYO is in the business of teaching life values that aid boys and girls in their development towards adulthood. It is worth noting that CYO Athletics is not viewed primarily as a sport developmental program.

At practices, each youth will receive equal attention regardless of playing ability. The goal of CYO coaches should be to assist every player on his or her team to utilize their God-given talents to the best of their ability in the hope that each child will leave the season with a feeling of individual accomplishment and an increased sense of self-worth. To accomplish this, it may be necessary to limit the number of participants on a team.

Each child who faithfully attends practice must be given an opportunity to play in actual games. The degree of participation, while depending on many variables, will basically reflect the concern the coach has for each child. Each parish in this regard may determine specifics, but CYO expects each player, at a minimum to play 1/4 of the season in game or match competition.

Booster Club

Also consider joining the Booster Club. This is a convenient and economical way to register all your kids for as many sports as they wish and show your support for St. Benedict Athletics. For $250.00, Booster Club members may sign up for as many sports as they choose for all family members at no additional cost. Remember, the Booster Club is not just for students and their families. Please consider telling friends, family and other members of our community who may wish to participate and show their support for our kids and Athletic Program.

If you choose to join the Booster Club, please record which sports you wish to participate in on the Registration Form.

More information and registration information can be found here:

Register online:

General CYO Sports information:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the St. Benedict CYO Athletic Director at