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St. Benedict Catholic School
Preschool through 8th Grade

School Commission

Each parish with a Catholic school shall create a School Commission as a consultative body to advise and support the canonical leader and principal.

The responsibilities of the School Commission, in cooperation with the pastor and principal, include recommending a mission statement for the school grounded in Catholic faith tradition, recommending policy, setting long-term goals for the school, developing means to finance the school (including tuition structures, financial development, and fund-raising), promoting communication, public relations, and evaluating the school’s goals and plans.

Members for 2021-2022

  • Catherine Kelch
  • Annie Kirk
  • Todd Madison
  • Ellie Miller
  • Shalini Miskelly
  • Pamela Nagasawa
  • Hilary Santini

Non-voting ex-officio members:

  • Fr. Dean Mbuzi (Pastor)
  • Brian Anderson (Principal)
  • Jennifer Beach (Parents’ Club President)