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St. Benedict Catholic School
Preschool through 8th Grade

Parents’ Club

The purpose of the Parents’ Club is to bring about a closer relationship among the school, the home and the parish through combinations of volunteer work, fundraising, community outreach and continuing educational opportunities for parents.

Through fund-raising activities, the Parents’ Club contributes to the school’s operating budget and stewardship each year. These activities not only enhance the children’s Catholic education at St. Benedict by providing funds for essential school programs, they also provide wonderful opportunities to meet and socialize with other school families.

The Parents’ Club also works to bring parents together for continuing education opportunities; learning and sharing timely parenting topics such as Internet Safety and Nutrition.

The Parents’ Club meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7PM and all parents and faculty are welcome to attend.

Officers 2021-2022

  • President: Jennifer Beach
  • Vice President: Jaime Lin-Yu
  • Treasurer: Katie Heinrich
  • Secretary: Annie Quinn
  • Events Coordinator: Kaitlin Mathur
  • Arts/Enrichment: Kate Hendsbee
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Tiffany Barnes
  • Room Parent Coordinator: Andrea DosSantos
  • Parent Education Chair: Colette Vogele
  • Movie Night: Ellie Feeney

Room parents 2021-2022

The primary role of a Room Parent is to provide support and assistance to the teacher and communicate information to parents.

Grade Room Parent(s)
Pre-School Angelica De Luca, Amanda Adkins
Pre-K Kaitlin Mathur
Kindergarten Nausica Zorzi, Katie Kelch
1st Kaitlin Mathur
2nd Sylvie Ghesquire, Myra Levitzke
3rd Jessica Bishop, Michael Bishop, Lisa Yu
4th Karen and Andy Bley
5th Annie Quinn, Jessica Madison
6th Christine Treece
7th Kelly Delahunty, Tessie Hughes
8th Jeanie Drury, Jaime Lin-Yu