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St. Benedict Catholic School
Preschool through 8th Grade

Annual Fund

Quality Education—A Community Commitment

Mission Statement:  St. Benedict Catholic School nurtures the individual, fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages spiritual and personal growth, supports loving relationships and promotes caring service to the community.

As we begin our 111th academic year at St. Benedict Catholic School, one might ask “Why should I give?”  It’s simple:  We are a community.  We have 110 years of history, education and community.  This last fiscal year, we met our goal for the Annual Drive.  This money was raised purely because of YOU.  It is only with your continued support that we can offer the exceptional, affordable and consistent education to each of our students.

Some of the areas helped by your generosity are:

Tuition Assistance: It is important that we remain accessible to those who wish to attend St. Benedict Catholic School.  As tuition costs go up so do requests for tuition assistance.  For the coming year we will be granting over $31,000 in tuition assistance, enabling 17 students to attend our school.  These are students who may not be able to receive a Catholic Education without this support.

Teaching and Learning: A highly trained and dedicated staff is essential for our school.  To retain such staff we must be able to provide a competitive and just wage.  Our school consistently increases staff salaries and will continue to do so, ensuring academic success for all students.

Classroom Resources: Current textbooks, hands-on materials, and up-to-date technology help our students learn.  St. Benedict Catholic School has committed to ongoing updates in these areas.  We must have the necessary tools to maintain our high academic standards.

Please take a moment to prayerfully consider making a donation to St. Benedict Catholic School and help to continue our rich history in this community.

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